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"Chandra's joy and enthusiasm are irrepressible and irresistible. She completely redefines what it means to be a Church Lady and challenges us all to embrace the calling to take the church into the world in her book Church Lady-Freed to Be a Woman of God."- Jennifer Kennedy Dean, The Praying Life FoundationBest-selling author of Live a Praying Life
"Do you consider yourself a Church Lady? If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, then you are! In her book, Church Lady, Chandra Peele tears down the old stereotype and breaks through preconceptions by painting a beautiful portrait of the Church Lady like God sees her. You will laugh, cry, cheer, and perhaps cringe as Chandra illustrates biblical truth through the stories of Church Ladies she has encountered all across the globe. She also personally and transparently shares her own journey to become the Church Lady God desires her to be. You will be encouraged.You will be challenged. But more importantly, you'll find the freedom to be the Church Lady God designed you to be."- Kathy HowardAuthor of Unshakeable Faith: 8 Traits for Rock-Solid Living
"I love this lady. She always makes me laugh and cry. Two special gifts to my life. This book speaks truth to those walking a journey with Christ. The reader will be richer and deeper from the read."- Esther BurroughsDirector of Esther Burroughs Ministries, speaker, and author
Church Lady-Freed To be a Woman of God

Somewhere along the way, this woman of noble character—wholesome, God-fearing, lovable, kind, giving, and serving—lost her respect. You’ve seen her. You may even be her—the godly and beautiful woman who, in spite of herself, has resembled her complete opposite twin, evil and ugly, a time or two in her life. And wouldn’t you know it? That was the exact moment someone snapped a picture and recorded it on the hard drive of her mind, filed it under Stereotypes, and titled it Church Lady. It’s time for a do-over, a truce, a meeting of the sisters. Delete the hard drive, wipe out the negative stereotype, and shine up her tarnished reputation. Join Chandra Peele and reclaim the honor and humility that is the Church Lady.

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